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"Bloodrocuted is a Belgian metal band, mixing the speed of Thrash metal with the brutality and agressiveness of Death metal."

At age of 13 Bloodrocuted was founded in a basement in Brussels by Daan Swinnen and Bob Briessinck. The guys dreamt of taking over the world someday with their relentless and agressive view on Thrash-metal. After a short period of time Jason Bond and Gaetan de Vos (RIP) joined the band. The band started recording their first album "doomed to annihilation". This album was widely considered as a great debut-album, reminding fans about the 80's bay area Thrash scene.
What followed was a long series of shows throughout Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands supporting bands like Skeletonwitch, Havok, Darkness, Melechesch, Mystifier,…

In 2015 Bloodrocuted released their follow-up album "disaster strikes back". The band expanded its horizons by incorporating teutonic Thrash, blastbeats and Death metal vocals. To promote this album they toured Europe alongside Suicidal angels, dr living dead and Angelus apatrida.

Shortly after this tour drummer Gaetan de Vos quitted the band due to other interests, and deserter drummer Sander Vogt Joined the band. Together with Sander Bloodrocuted toured the UK, played the mainstage of Antwerp metal fest, supported bands like Havok, Nervosa, Enthroned, voivod… and played the prestigious metaldays festival in Slovenia.

After two years of intensive touring and playing, Bob and Sander decided to call it a quits in 2016, this to explore other boundaries. Quickly after this news, Ben Van Peteghem and Dennis Wyffels were introduced into the band. They started recording their third album "for the dead travel fast" due to be released in march 2017. More intense than ever before, Bloodrocuted is there to stay and make the worldwide metalscene their own."


Daan Swinnen - bass guitar & lead vocalsBass: Fernandes & Epiphone
Bassamp: ampeg en trace elliot

Daan Swinnen - bass guitar & lead vocals

Dennis Wyffels - lead guitar & backing vocalsGuitar: Washburn & Jackson
Guitaramp: Engl

Dennis Wyffels - lead guitar & backing vocals
Jason Bond - rhythm guitarGuitar: bc rich & Gibson
Guitaramp: Engl

Jason Bond - rhythm guitar & backing vocals

Ben Van Peteghem - drumsPearl drums, meinl cymbalen, trick percussion bigfoot pedals, Vic firth
Ben Van Peteghem - drums